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Services and Programs To Meet Your Leadership and Team Needs.

3DLife™ Workshop Model

You have a problem or a situation occurring in your role, and you would like to have an objective, non-judgmental perspective on it, and support to solve it.

Whether you are a leader or a member of a team, this service offers you a short-term investment option toward helping you with the issue you are facing.

The 3DLife™ Workshop is a 1:1 coaching delivery model that includes four 60-minute sessions with Michelle. During each session, you will identify the problem you'd like to discuss and solve, and at the end of it, you will have deeper insight on the issue, and be clear on the next steps you can take to resolve it.

3DLife™ Leaders

You have been struggling lately with feeling like you're doing a good job as a leader. You try your best to show up for yourself and increase team morale, but at the end of the day, you still don't feel like you're doing enough or having the impact you want. 

If this sounds familiar, this service option offers you deeper support and human skill development to focus on what you truly want and need, and who you are and who you want to be as a leader. 

The 3DLife™ Leaders "It Starts with You" 90-day coaching program is a 1:1 or small group (online or face-to-face) delivery model that includes weekly 60-90-minute sessions with Michelle. Each session is guided by discussion topics such as Leadership Vision, Self-Leadership, Performance, Communication, and Well-Being. To help you expand your thoughts, actions, and skills, she will use focused coaching questions, and provide reflection activities to reinforce growth, encourage practice, and make long-term change.

By the end of this program, you will have a clearer understanding of who you are as a leader, increased energy and motivation, enhanced self-management and communication skills, and feel more effective and connected to your Self and your team.

3DLife™ Teams

You're not as optimistic or as energetic as you used to be, and you find you are more and more disconnected from your Self and your colleagues - and what you're trying to achieve. Your feelings of effectiveness and morale are low. You've reached a plateau and aren't sure what to do to change it.

To help get you back to yourself as a valued team member and human being, this service option offers you the opportunity to rediscover, renew, and restore your motivation, belief, and sense of purpose and well-being at work and in life. 

The 3DLife™ Professional Personal Restoration System™ program is a 90-day hybrid coaching model program designed to reduce stress, increase joy and focused engagement, efficacy, and excellence to help you move closer to your life goals and intentions. 

As a participant in this program, you can expect to get clear on which strengths, mindset, and human skills you need to meet the challenges you face at work and in life, while supporting your overall wellbeing and fulfillment in your professional and personal roles. 

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