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Services and Programs To Meet Your Goals.

3DLife™ 1:1 Mentor Sessions

This service offers you a flexible time and investment option to help you get started on your growth and development journey.

Formatted as a 1:1 delivery model, the 3DLife™ Mentor Sessions includes four 60-minute sessions with Michelle. These sessions are co-designed with you based on where you feel are at in your life, leadership, and communication, and where you want to be.

At the end of our time together, you can choose to continue with the mentorship format, enroll in the 3DLife™ "Start with You" Program, or to discontinue your work.

3DLife™ Leadership Program

This service option provides you with 10-week support with a deep focus on and expansion of your leadership awareness and communication skills.

The 3DLife™ Leaders "Start with You" program is a 1:1, weekly delivery model format.

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3DLife™ Training 

Based on your organizational or business interests, this group service offers online and in-person:

  • 60-minute live sessions* (online only)

  • 2-3 hour workshops* 

  • 2-day intensive training** 

  • *Live sessions and workshop topics fall under the following categories: The Leader You Want to Be, Leadership Vision, Self-Leadership, Performance, Communication, and Well-Being, and provide 1-2 reflection activities to reinforce growth, encourage practice, and support short-term change.

    **The 2-day intensive professional development option is a customized version of the Start With You program for you and a team, and includes a minimum of six, 60-90--minute follow up support sessions.

    Reach out to decide if one of these options is right for you. 

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