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Essential Human Skills for Organizational Leaders:

Be the skilled leader you want to be.


Hone your leadership, communication, collaboration, and decision-making skills with the 3DLife™ support solution that best suits your organizational and career goals. 

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Better skills. Better work experiences. Better workplaces.

Skilled leadership is highly desired in today's workforce.

A black and white image of Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt sitting at a wooden table with a clipboard. She is smiling and listening to a young, aspiring leader sitting across from her.

Effective Communicator

Communication is a highly desired human skill in leadership. Whether you are climbing the ladder or are an existing leader, be the one who articulates ideas with clarity and also listens with empathy; who commands a room while fostering genuine connections. When you effectively communicate in your workplace, you create a ripple effect that impacts the entire organization and its goals.

Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt talking with school team leaders in a school library. There are a number of tables and desk in the room. The walls are yellow and the ceiling is white.

Connected Collaborator

Be part of the team. Collaboration skills are not only essential for your team. You can excel individually and cultivate a culture of collaboration. Identify your own and others' diverse strengths and talents to build bridges, inspire those around you to work well together, and achieve collective success.

A black and white image of Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt siting down, with her legs crossed, while speaking on the phone. She is wearing a capri-style pants, a white blouse with flowers on it, and a jean jacket. The corner of a table is visible on the right side of the image., and a white plug is on the wall to the left, above her shoulder.

Decisive Decision-Maker

Decisive leadership is a key skill that requires clarity and efficiency, but also considers the human element to foster trust and understanding. Decision-making is a responsive process, not a reactive one. Be the leader who makes informed, timely choices while maintaining a keen awareness of the impact on individuals and teams. 

3DLife™ Skilled Leadership Support Options

3DLife™ Skilled Leaders Programs

These 12-week leadership development program are for you if you are already a leader in an organization, or aspire to be one, and you want to focus on the essential human skills of leadership, communication, and collaboration. 

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A head shot of Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt wearing a white blouse, looking directly at the camera. In the background are brownish-brown bushes with tiny orange flowers.

DECISIVE w/ Michelle Hurlburt Membership

flexible group support option for female-identifying business owners and organizational leaders to boost essential human skills, strengthen mindset, and take decisive action in your leadership. 

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Better skills. Better work experiences. Better workplaces.

Effective leaders hone essential skills to:

  • Develop greater awareness of how  you want to show up as a leader

  • Strengthen relationships and interactions with the people you serve

  • Become a more efficient and decisive decision-maker

  • Increase satisfaction and fulfillment in your work and role

  • Inspire teamwork and inclusive workplaces

  • Have a competitive edge when  applying for a new position

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    What leaders are saying about Michelle...

    "Michelle’s insightful questions, thoughtful silence and centered presence through my journey has been invaluable. Both individually and as part of a pair I have gained clarity, an awareness of my values that guides my daily decisions, solidified my chosen path and brought greater joy to my life. Through laughter, tears and hard work Michelle’s coaching has solidified the way forward - with integrity, optimism and a commitment to relationships. " ~ C. Arthurs, School Psychologist

    "Talking with Michelle and having her to help me realize what was important to me, has absolutely moved me in the direction I need to be going in order to get my life in track. This has been an amazing start to a new chapter in my life -you have created a safe place to be vulnerable and look inward without judgement."  ~ K. Seamone, SEL Consultant

    "Working with Michelle was like having someone join you on a very familiar walk that you’ve taken everyday for years. A walk you know so well that your movement, every stride, is automatic. With Michelle’s guidance, I took pause, noticed and appreciated the beauty and opportunities that surrounded me in a depth of detail that I had hadn’t seen in years, if ever. That clarification and attention has allowed for a reconnection to my purpose, and a renewed sense of why I started walking in the first place."  ~ N. Yorke-Phillip, School Psychologist 

    Be the leader you want to be.

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