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Essential Human Skills for Organizations:

Services and programs to boost productivity, increase retention, and elevate leadership. 


Services that help you provide the training and support your leaders and teams need to shine in your organization. Whether it is leadership, communication, collaboration, decision-making, or other essential skills your organization is looking for, choose the 3DLife™ support solution that is right for you.

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Better skills. Better work experiences. Better workplaces.

Great workplaces make the difference to today's workforce.

A black and white image of Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt sitting at a wooden table with a clipboard. She is smiling and listening to a young, aspiring leader sitting across from her.

Matching Values

People do better in places where what matters is reflected. True organizational success goes beyond tasks and metrics—it's about aligning skills and competencies with values, creating a cohesive environment where every individual can contribute to and be inspired by a collective vision.

Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt speaking in front of a seated crowd of people. She is wearing red boots, jeans, and a pink business blazer. A conference room projection screen is behind her.

Inclusive Spaces

Essential human skills and competencies are not just professional attributes but the very fabric that weaves together safety and belonging. When individuals are empowered to communicate, collaborate, and lead with empathy, the threads of a safe and inclusive culture ensure every voice is heard, and every person feels a genuine sense of belonging.

A black and white image of Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt siting down, with her legs crossed, while speaking on the phone. She is wearing a capri-style pants, a white blouse with flowers on it, and a jean jacket. The corner of a table is visible on the right side of the image., and a white plug is on the wall to the left, above her shoulder.

Meaningful Impact

People feel more motivated and inspired when they know they are working for and toward something that is bigger than them. Essential human skills are the catalysts for creating a workplace where impact isn't just a buzzword but a lived reality. The significance of your organizational lies in aligning competencies with a shared commitment to making a positive difference.

3DLife™ Support Options for Your Organization

3DLife™ Training & Implementation Support

Create long-term, lasting change in your organization by offering your leaders and teams professional development that is relevant their personal goals, the work they do, and the people around them. Essential human skills and competencies are the key to meeting your organizational leadership goals and being the place everyone wants to work. 

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A head shot of Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt wearing a white blouse, looking directly at the camera. In the background are brownish-brown bushes with tiny orange flowers.

3DLife™ Live Sessions & Enrichment Workshops

Be sure to check out upcoming 3DLife™  live sessions and workshops to boost your human skills and competencies. These 90-minute events are perfect for individuals and small groups from your organization to attend.

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Better skills. Better work experiences. Better workplaces.

Great organizations hone essential skills to:

  • Foster effective communication and collaboration within teams

  • Contribute to the overall well-being of individuals in the organization

  • Better equip leaders to inspire and motivate their teams 

  • Contribute to adaptability and innovation in today's fast-paced world

  • Create a positive and inclusive organizational culture

  • Have a competitive edge by being an attractive and desirable place to work

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    A stock image of a team of men and women in an office space, smiling and with their hands raised in the air.

    What organizations and participants are saying...

    A large conference space room with off-white shiny floor and florescent lighting. There are a number of tables with participants sitting at them. They are looking at Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt speaking at the front of the room.

    "The in-person was great and sparked so many great conversations with like-minded individuals with similar work ethics and work beliefs and strong student engagement goals. The training really allowed us to self-reflect. " ~ Healthy Promoting Schools, TCRCE

    Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt standing at the end of a long table on a covered deck. A group women leaders and managers are sitting at the table back-to the camera, listening to Michelle. In the background are trees and green leaves.

    "I will use this experience to benefit my leadership skills by staying more positive and present in the workplace, and being a better listener." ~ Team Leadership Workshop Participant, Non-Profit Organization

    School library with yellow walls, light-colored floors, bookshelves, and a number of tables and chairs at which a small group of people are sitting, listening to Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt speak during a training session.

    "[Michelle's] ability to hear/listen, synthesize information, and connect the conversation or hear a thread of what is being said - AMAZING!"  ~ HPS Lead Participant, TCRCE

    Be the organization where everyone wants to work.

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