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Toward more effective and valued leadership

We know what it feels like to be overwhelmed with how much you have to do in a day and not be able to accomplish what you need to get done. 

If you're like us, you've tried to do it all and yet, kept coming up short. You've likely wondered if there was a secret strategy that would help you and your team perform more effectively and efficiently. We know you want to become a valued and inspirational leader, and it's wrong that there isn't enough time in the day to be and do it all. 

At 3DLife Inc., we get it. 

It can be hard being at the forefront of your team or organization. 

There is so much pressure to show up for everyone who looks to you for direction and solutions.

For the past three years, we've helped people just like you overcome the paralyzing effects of trying to meet everyone's expectations, the weight of work and home responsibilities, and never-ending attempts to keep everyone (including yourself) on track so that they could experience the freedom of focusing on what matters most and what it feels like to speak up, lead, and be part of a cohesive, effective and efficient team. 

3DLife Inc.'s CEO Founder and Certified Master Coach Practitioner, Michelle Hurlburt, M.Ed....

has been in a variety of leadership positions throughout the last 25 years in business and in education.

On one particular occasion, her employer told her she needed to fire a member of the organization's team because they weren't performing well enough. Michelle had to dig deep to find the strength to have that conversation.

What she wasn't prepared for was the fiery aftermath that followed, nor the overwhelming flow of self-talk, second-guessing, and beliefs that she wasn't good enough that resulted. In the years that followed, Michelle used this uncomfortable learning experience to support the people around her on a more human level rather than from a traditional leadership lens.

She became more passionate about how she could be and do better on a professional level, but also on a personal one too. What Michelle discovered was a passion for studying leadership and human skills development, and that by knowing and understanding herself on a higher level, she felt more capable, confident, and committed to the work she was doing, but also in the relationships she had.

Now, as a trainer, facilitator, and coach at 3DLife Inc., Michelle is intensely keen to work with leaders and teams who want to do the same. 

We are committed to helping you build and enhance how effective and valued you feel as a leader...

so you can stop feeling like you're not doing enough or well enough to achieve your goals and support your team. 

The process is simple.

First, book your call with us. 

Second, do the work to build greater leadership skills for yourself and your team.

Finally feel like a more effective and valued leader in your workplace.

Once you schedule your call with us, you'll have taken the first step to thinking and acting more intentionally and confidently in your leadership role and toward building a stronger and more successful team of people around you. 

We believe you try your best to show up as the leader your team needs every day and you deserve to not be weighted down by all the tasks, conflicts, and expectations on you.

We help you get clear on what you already bring to the table in your role, where you could stretch and grow, and what to truly focus on so that you can be a more effective and valued leader who brings people together for incredible team results. 

Book your call with us now so we can get started. 

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