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Upcoming Events

What's Coming Up At 3DLife Inc.

Association of Industry Sector Council (AISC) WorkForward Conference - Nov. 21st Breakout Session


In this 45-60-minute breakout session, we will discuss the essential nature of social and emotional (human) skills for the future of work. Michelle will take a bird’s eye view through the lens of social and emotional learning at how development of these human skills is essential in any industry or field, specifically in relation to the impact they can have on industries in three key areas: Leadership development, teamwork and employee retention, and achieving desired results and outcomes.

Even with AI innovating its way into everything we do - the future is still human. And how you, and others around you, choose to navigate and find success within it will rely on how well you lead and manage the human in you.

Learn More About & Register For The Conference Here

3DLife Inc. Interviews

Elevate Business Podcast - May 2022

In this episode of the Elevate Business Podcast, Michelle Hurlburt, CEO, Founder, and Certified Master Coach Practitioner at 3DLife Inc, discusses workplace culture and how healthy and constructive debate can benefit an organization that fosters and promotes emotionally intelligent discourse. Listen to the FULL EPISODE HERE.

Leaders with Heart Podcast (Part I) - May 2022

"Here are the 27-year old origins of 3DLife Inc." In episode 181 of Leaders With A Heart, Michelle Hurlburt from 3DLife Inc. speaks with podcast host, Payman Lorenzo about her early career and life experiences - all of which played a role in bringing 3DLife Inc. to fruition. WATCH PART II HERE.

Janice Inspiring Change - July 2021

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Janice Amirault, a Holistic Nutritional Consultant who "helps women lose weight, look amazing, and live well by breaking up with sugar...for good". Each week, Janice invites a guest to join her on Facebook Live to talk about what they do and the difference they are making in the world. Here's my interview with her...

Social Media Love - July 2021

Angélique Binet, a Social Media Marketing Coach for Women at Social Media Love invited me to do this interview with her to share "The Real Story Behind Her Business" for 3DLife Inc. In her role, Angélique is "on a mission to spiral the number of women entrepreneurs and speakers who want to unleash their inner rockstar online so that they can position themselves powerfully on social media and share their message with millions". Here's my interview with her...


"How To Trust Yourself", Monnery Films - April 2021

In this interview, Michelle talks about the causes of a lack of self-trust, the first steps people can take to start trusting themselves, and the habits we can all do to maintain that self-trust. Her answers are educational, insightful, and inspiring. They will hopefully help you unlearn misconceptions you have about this important topic. READ HER INTERVIEW HERE.

"Effective Leadership. Strong Teams." Go Solo (Subkit) - April 2022

Interested in starting your own entrepreneurial journey in personal and business development but unsure what to expect? Then read up on our interview with Michelle Hurlburt, founder, and CEO of 3DLife Inc., located in Hebron, NS, Canada. 


Audio Interviews

"On a Coaching Mission" with Corey Poirier - May 2022

In this interview, Michelle sits down with multiple-time Tedx Talk speaker, podcaster, bLU Talks founder, and author, Corey Poirier on his Let's Do Influencing podcast. 

Click Here to Listen to the Interview

Let Me Overthink About It with Sam Madore - October 2022

In this live audience interview, Michelle joins the host of the Let Me Overthink About It podcast, Sam Madore, along with Heather Deveaux Instructional Design, and Rebekah Streeter at Voda Retreats to overthink about being in business and coming together after spending the day at The Swell Atlantic conference in Sydney, Nova Scotia. 

Click Here to Listen to the Interview

"The Unmasking" on the Empowerography Podcast - June 2023

In this episode host, Brad Walsh and I discuss the education system, identify gaps, self-doubt, self-work, living a double life and thought leadership.

Listen HERE on Spotify Listen HERE on Apple

Meet The Elite Podcast - May 2023

In this brief 5-minute interview, I talk about 3DLife Inc. and what inspired me to become a coach. 

Listen to the Interview HERE

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