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Blurred lines of communication can negatively affect you and your co-workers

You know that demands, expectations, and pressures in your workplace can greatly impact your performance and well-being. Meanwhile, less-than-effective communication can compound those stressors.

If you are not clear on who you are as a leader, then what you’re saying and how you’re saying it could be adding to existing exhaustion, frustration, confusion, and inefficiencies in your workplace.

Without clear understanding and communication, you go through the motions each day, wondering if you’re the only one feeling overwhelmed and stressed out, and going home at the end of the day feeling frustrated and ineffective.  

It is hard to talk about what you are experiencing because while you know how valuable your work and dedication are to your organization or school community, you sometimes feel you are alone or that you will be judged in your leadership.  

It doesn't have to be that way though.

Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

Clear Communication and Expectations Enhance Morale and Well-Being

Communicating clearly is vital for establishing productive, trusting connections among you and your colleagues, and it is also the key to boosting positive workplace morale.

3DLife Inc. will help you: 

1. Speak freely and clearly when you have ideas, questions, or concerns you need to share.

2. Address and resolve personal and professional problems effectively and efficiently.

3. Manage increasing demands in your work and life to reduce stress and burnout

Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

Hi, I'm Michelle Hurlburt

I've witnessed the challenges organizational and educational leaders face when feeling ineffective, stressed out, and frustrated with their work or their team. 

As an individual, you are trying to say and do all the things you are supposed to, but the results and impact are not clear. It feels like you are treading water, staying afloat, but not getting anywhere. 

As an Educator and Certified Coach, I successfully guide clients to strengthen their voice by getting clear on who they want to be, and how they want to show up in their work and life. This helps them communicate more consistently, increase workplace morale, and lead themselves and others more effectively. 

My clients have frequently told me they feel reconnected to their motivation for the work they do, can speak directly more often to share ideas, listen more closely to and better support their co-workers needs, are more decisive on what to say yes or no to, and give more priority to what matters most - health, loved ones, interests, and goals - while experiencing much less guilt about doing so. 

Let’s work toward higher morale and more effective leadership through clearer communication with yourself and your co-workers, increased trust, solid support, and confident problem-solving. 

Effective, valued, and inspirational communication and leadership starts with YOU. 

The great part is - you don't have to do this alone.

Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

Imagine working every day as an inspired, connected, healthy leader. 

When you commit to focusing first on your own awareness, skills, and practice, you will. 

Three Simple Steps to Connected, Effective Leadership




Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

What happy clients are saying...

When I started working with Michelle two years ago, I was a freelancer who longed to have my own marketing company but I had no idea how to get there. Michelle coached me through my first hire (and 3rd, 4th, and 5th hire!), and helped me become the CEO of my own social media marketing agency. She has an incredible knack for helping business owners make big decisions. In fact, I save all my decision-making for our coaching call. She has guided me through onboarding new clients, saying no to the wrong clients, and breaking up with old clients. I highly recommend working with Michelle.

"[Michelle] has an incredible knack for helping [people] make big decisions."

Ingrid Deon

CEO Founder, word-craft inc.

"Michelle helped me gain more clarity and awareness of my values in life and at work. As a result, I’m more decisive, committed to my chosen career path, and have greater joy in my life.

"I'm more decisive [and] committed to my chosen career path..."

C. Arthurs

School Psychologist

"I realized what was most important to me and what I needed to get back on track. We can all benefit from thinking about our day-to-day lives and how we are ‘actioning’ ourselves. Working through the program helped me hone in on and identify what I needed to work toward my goals.

"...the program helped me...identify what I needed to work toward my goals."

K. Seamone

Social and Emotional Learning Consultant

"Michelle helped me slow down, take notice, and appreciate the opportunities around me to influence positive change in my role and in my life. I’m now more connected to my purpose, and have a renewed sense of why I began this meaningful work in the first place.

"[I] have a renewed sense of why I began this meaningful work..."

N. Yorke-Phillip

School Psychologist


Here are three ways we can work together.

Inspire Yourself. Inspire Others. 

Imagine how it would feel to work together with effective communication, solid connections, and valued leadership

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