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Essential Human Skills Development to Elevate Your Organizational Leadership Goals.

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Better Skills. 

Better Work Experiences.

Better Workplaces.

The Future of Work is Human

The world of business, leadership, and industry is advancing and evolving faster than the human beings behind it all. As much as we’d like to think we’re keeping up, ongoing challenges to find and develop effective leaders, create connected teams, and build cohesive workplaces say otherwise.

Advancements and innovation in technology, medicine, transportation, and beyond have created incredible opportunities to do more faster and with less. And while these are exciting times to be part of, there are breakdowns. Breakdowns that, if continued to be unacknowledged and perpetuated, will negatively impact your organization.

Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt speaking in front of a seated crowd of people. She is wearing red boots, jeans, and a pink business blazer. A conference room projection screen is behind her.

When skills lag, so does your organization.

People are the heartbeat of your organization – your greatest asset. Ensuring they not only survive but thrive is pivotal for achieving your organizational leadership goals. 

Yet, traditional workplace norms are not cutting it in today's world. The way people approach work is evolving, and desired results can seem elusive. While, leadership and management play pivotal roles, it is no secret that ineffective strategies and skills hinder progress. This progress is further delayed when leaders and teams are disconnected and communication falters.

To compound these issues, each individual has their own set of attitudes and varying skill levels that either help or obstruct the thriving process, effective communication, team cohesion, and the achievement of organizational goals. 

But constant monitoring and micromanaging people is not only time-consuming - it is counterproductive and demotivating. Yet, when leadership and essential human skills are not on par, neither is your organization's performance and impact.

It does not have to be this way though.

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Explicit Human Skills Development Empowers People, Culture, and Results

Your organization can shape a workplace where leaders and teams not only meet but exceed personal and organizational goals, and create a positive workplace environment at the same time.

Stronger Leadership

Leadership and management are pivotal to the success of your organization and the people within it. Whether it's inspiring and motivating effectively or providing the right direction and support, empower your leadership team with human skills, competencies, and strategies that work. 

Cohesive Teams

Disconnected teams and ineffective communication get in the way of achieving your organizational goals. Through explicit human skills training and support, your organization can foster a collaborative environment where teams effectively problem-solve and communicate to achieve shared goals.

Connected Culture

In a world where people seek more from their organizations than ever before, traditional workplace culture will not cut it for the future of work. Instead, your organization can cultivate a workplace environment in which leaders and teams are provided with adequate and relevant skills training and support - that not only attracts and retains them - but also facilitates a safe, inclusive culture.

Greater Results

The landscape of work is evolving, and so are the ways people engage with it. If your organizational results are not meeting expectations, even with strategic interventions, it is time to consider an alternative focus. Shifting attitudes towards work, offering solutions that align with the contemporary workforce, and breaking free from outdated mantras like "people don’t work the way they used to" are key to producing the results you want. 

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Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt standing in front of a table, speaking with her arm raised. She is holding a slide advancer in her hand, and is wearing jeans and a brown poncho-style sweater, with sunglasses on her head. Behind her is an old. church piano and a black sound system speaker hanging on the wall.

Hi, I'm Michelle Hurlburt

Whether you are an organizational leader or an individual working within an organization, I know what it’s like to work in an environment that has a lot of moving parts, people, expectations, and goals.

Even though there is a common big picture to strive toward, it is challenging to do so when everyone isn’t on the same page. The reality is that every human being has different needs and skill levels - and let’s face it - their own motivations for doing what they do, and their own ideas on how it should be done.

I have witnessed and experienced the challenges organizations face when leadership, skills, expectations, and culture do not match, and instead, get in the way of the impact you are trying to make.

As a facilitator, speaker, and certified coach, I guide leaders and teams to prioritize essential human skills and competency development, strengthen organizational leadership goals, and create better work experiences and workplaces for all.

My clients tell me they have more awareness and confidence in their abilities to better support themselves and the people around them, communicate more clearly and effectively, and take decisive action to get better results.

Through explicit training and implementation support, organizations can have leaders and teams who feel deeply connected and inspired in their roles, communicate and problem-solve seamlessly, lead others and manage themselves decisively, and collaborate effectively so that every action aligns with organizational objectives. 

The good news is: You don't have to do this alone. 

Book A 15-Minute Exploratory Call

Imagine the workplace ripple effect in your organization with everyone on the same page. 

When they are communicating, collaborating, and leading effectively, it's a win-win-win for all.

Three Simple Steps to Help You Get There




Book A 15-Minute Exploratory Call

What clients are saying...

[Michelle] has an incredible knack for helping [people] make big decisions."

When I started working with Michelle three years ago, I was a freelancer who longed to have my own marketing company but I had no idea how to get there. Michelle coached me through my first hire (and 3rd, 4th, and 5th hire!), and helped me become the CEO of my own social media marketing agency. She has an incredible knack for helping business owners make big decisions. In fact, I save all my decision-making for our coaching call. I highly recommend working with Michelle.

- Ingrid D., CEO Founder,  Word-Craft Inc.

"I'm more decisive [and] committed to my chosen career path..."

"Michelle helped me gain more clarity and awareness of my values in life and at work. As a result, I’m more decisive, committed to my chosen career path, and have greater joy in my life.

- Carol A., School Psychologist

"...the program helped me identify what I needed to work toward my goals."

"I realized what was most important to me and what I needed to get back on track. We can all benefit from thinking about our day-to-day lives and how we are ‘actioning’ ourselves. Working through the program helped me hone in on and identify what I needed to work toward my goals.

- Karen S., Consultant/Administrator

"...most important outcome [is being] on a better path toward my goals..."

Before working with Michelle, I was feeling overwhelmed with stress and found myself a bit out of balance. After the first few weeks of working with Michelle, I felt direction returning. I started to feel back on track with work-leadership, but...on a personal level, I felt my confidence grow and myself coming back online with my goals. This not only progressed my self-leadership style...it improved my overall well-being. 

- B.B., Franchise Manager

Let's partner on strengthening human skills in your leadership and organization.


If you are an organizational leader or business owner who is looking to boost your skills, or you are someone who aspires toward leadership, these 3DLife™ support options are designed with you in mind. 

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If you are part of or lead an organization and are looking for training and support to leverage essential human skills and competencies to support your team and reach your goals, these options are for you. 

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