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Effective Leaders. Stronger Teams.


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Negative workplace culture can affect your team.

Many organizations are coming to the realization that the workplace has a huge impact on the performance and well-being of its employees, team members, and staff.

Clear communication and feeling effective are often daily challenges. 

Are you finding it difficult to make connections with your staff or team?

It is awful to experience the paralyzing uncertainty that leads to anxiety, increased stress levels, and frustrating roadblocks that keep you and your team from moving forward successfully together. 

It doesn't have to be that way.

Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

Effective Leadership Increases Team Morale and Well-Being.

Communicating clearly is vital for establishing productive, trusting connections with your team members, staff, and co-workers.

To get there, you need dedicated time with them. 

The problem is you're being pulled in a thousand directions, and you're exhausted and overwhelmed. 

You can feel you're not as effective or as attentive as you could be. 

With the right guidance, you can be the leader you want to be. 3DLife Inc. helps leaders develop skills to conquer the day-to-day demands effectively so they have the time and energy to build stronger, high-performing teams.

Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

Hi, I'm Michelle Hurlburt

Whether you're in a classroom, hiring and managing employees, or at the forefront of an organization - I know how you feel. 

I've been there.

I've witnessed the challenges leaders face when feeling overwhelmed or uncertain of their abilities to achieve goals AND ensure employees or staff are healthy, satisfied and accomplishing what needs to be done.

As a Certified Master Coach Practitioner and Educator, I have helped many clients find their voice and build strong connections through mentoring, managing, and supporting programs over the last three years. I am proud when my clients tell me that they feel more inspirational and instrumental in the growth of their business or organization. 

Let's get your team to stretch, grow, be productive, and healthy by increasing trust, communicating clearly and effectively, and problem-solving quickly and confidently. 

Effective, valued, and inspirational leadership starts with YOU. 

The great part is - you don't have to do this alone.

Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

Imagine working every day with an inspired, connected, healthy team. 

When you are the leader you want to be and the one your team needs, you will. 

Three Simple Steps to Effective Leadership




Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

What happy clients are saying...

When I started working with Michelle two years ago, I was a freelancer who longed to have my own marketing company but I had no idea how to get there. Michelle coached me through my first hire (and 3rd, 4th, and 5th hire!), and helped me become the CEO of my own social media marketing agency. She has an incredible knack for helping business owners make big decisions. In fact, I save all my decision-making for our coaching call. She has guided me through onboarding new clients, saying no to the wrong clients, and breaking up with old clients. I highly recommend working with Michelle.

"[Michelle] has an incredible knack for helping business owners make big decisions."

Ingrid Deon

CEO Founder, word-craft inc.

"Michelle helped me gain more clarity and awareness of my values in life and at work. As a result, I’m more decisive, committed to my chosen career path, and have greater joy in my life.

"I'm more decisive [and] committed to my chosen career path..."

C. Arthurs

School Psychologist

"I realized what was most important to me and what I needed to get back on track. We can all benefit from thinking about our day-to-day lives and how we are ‘actioning’ ourselves. Working through the program helped me hone in on and identify what I needed to work toward my goals.

"...the program helped me...identify what I needed to work toward my goals."

K. Seamone

Social and Emotional Learning Consultant

"f you are struggling with issues that you don’t know the cause, or you think you do, but still can’t move forward - I urge you to contact Michelle and have a call with her.

S. Miskeen

In Harmony Coach & Educator

"Michelle helped me slow down, take notice, and appreciate the opportunities around me to influence positive change in my role and in my life. I’m now more connected to my purpose, and have a renewed sense of why I began this meaningful work in the first place.

"[I] have a renewed sense of why I began this meaningful work..."

N. Yorke-Phillip

School Psychologist


Whether you are an organizational leader or a business owner - here's how we can work together

This short-term training or coaching solution is all you need for unlocking your leadership abilities.

This is a deeper dive into uncovering how to be the leader your team needs you to be. 

This is an in-depth group program to build cohesive, high-performing teams for greater collaboration and communication. 

    Elevating connection and well-being looks like:

  • Staying focused on what matters most

  • Trusting your ability to make the right decisions

  • Managing emotions and stress effectively

  • Building strong, inspiring leaders

  • Reconnecting with your team and watch them flourish

  • Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

To inspire is the best way to lead.

Imagine how it would feel to work every day knowing you are a trusted, valued, and effective leader who inspires your people to be the best they can be - and doing it together.

Book A 30-Minute Strategy Session

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