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Elevating communication and leadership skills in the workplace - and beyond. 

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Better Skills. 

Better Experiences.

Better Workplaces.

Director-Founder, Michelle Hurlburt speaking in front of a seated crowd of people. She is wearing red boots, jeans, and a pink business blazer. A conference room projection screen is behind her.

When skills lag, so does your organization.

People are the heartbeat of your organization – your greatest asset. When they are provided with the right tools, resources, and skills to thrive in an organization, the easier it is to lead and achieve the results you're looking for. 

Yet, too often, traditional job expectations and ways of doing things continue to be what many folks still experience in their workplaces. Like never before, people want more than just a job. They want to be part of something bigger, expecting more from their leaders, teams, and the work they do; and they want to feel effective, productive, and inspired while doing it.  

What gets in the way of establishing this kind of workplace "utopia"? 

More often than not, leadership and communication practices. 

It doesn't have to be that way though.

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Expand Perspectives and Skills to Boost Productivity, Teamwork, and Results

Your organization can create a workplace where leaders and teams exceed personal and organizational goals through:

Impactful Leadership

Great leaders and managers are key to the success of your organization and the people within it. Elevate your leadership team with skills, competencies, and strategies that work. 

Effective Communication

When teams feel connected through a clearly communicated shared vision, productivity and results will follow. Foster a collaborative environment where teams safely contribute, disagree, and efficiently problem-solve to achieve mutual goals.

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Founder, Michelle Hurlburt standing in front of folding tables and a few people, speaking with her arms raised. She is wearing jeans and a white blouse.

Hi, I'm Michelle Hurlburt

Whether you are a business or organizational leader, I know what it’s like to work in a place that has a lot of moving parts, people, expectations, and goals.

I have witnessed and experienced the highs and lows organizations face when effective leadership practices and communication skills are inconsistent or absent.

As a facilitator and coach, I guide business and organizational leaders and teams in open conversations about what is working for them and what isn't. By partnering, either 1:1, in a small group, or in a large-group facilitated format, we work together on increasing knowledge and understanding, and strengthening the skills needed to lead and communicate well.

My clients tell me they have more awareness and confidence in their abilities to better lead themselves and the people around them, communicate more clearly and effectively, and take decisive action to get better results.

It is possible to make positive shifts in any business or organization. By having leaders and teams who feel connected and inspired in their roles, who communicate and problem-solve effectively, and lead others and manage themselves decisively, every action taken can align with organizational objectives.

The good news is: You don't have to do this alone. 

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Imagine what your organization could achieve with deeper leadership and communication practices. 

Productive conversations, clear goals and action steps, motivated leaders and teams, and consistent results are just part of the possible ripple effect.

Three Simple Steps to Get You There




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What clients are saying...

[Michelle] has an incredible knack for helping [people] make big decisions."

When I started working with Michelle four years ago, I was a freelancer who longed to have my own marketing company but I had no idea how to get there. Michelle coached me through my first hire (and 3rd, 4th, and 5th hire!), and helped me become the CEO of my own social media marketing agency. She has an incredible knack for helping business owners make big decisions. In fact, I save all my decision-making for our coaching call. I highly recommend working with Michelle.

- Ingrid D., CEO Founder,  Word-Craft Inc.

"I'm more decisive [and] committed to my chosen career path..."

"Michelle helped me gain more clarity and awareness of my values in life and at work. As a result, I’m more decisive, committed to my chosen career path, and have greater joy in my life.

- Carol A., School Psychologist

"...the program helped me identify what I needed to work toward my goals."

"I realized what was most important to me and what I needed to get back on track. We can all benefit from thinking about our day-to-day lives and how we are ‘actioning’ ourselves. Working through the program helped me hone in on and identify what I needed to work toward my goals.

- Karen S., Consultant/Administrator

"...most important outcome [is being] on a better path toward my goals..."

Before working with Michelle, I was feeling overwhelmed with stress and found myself a bit out of balance. After the first few weeks of working with Michelle, I felt direction returning. I started to feel back on track with work-leadership, but...on a personal level, I felt my confidence grow and myself coming back online with my goals. This not only progressed my self-leadership style...it improved my overall well-being. 

- B.B., Franchise Manager

Let's work together to elevate your skills and practices.


If you are an organizational leader or business owner who is looking for 1:1 or small group support to boost your skills, these 3DLife™ support options are designed with you in mind. 

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If you are part of, or lead, a business or organization and are looking for training and support to leverage leadership practices and communication skills, these options are for you. 

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