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Proactively Prevent Conflict and Stress Leave in Your Educators


UPDATE - Next Live Session: Wednesday, March 30th, 2022 at 3:00pm (AST)

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You want to make a difference in your HR role as well. Rather than always putting out the fires, you'd like to be part of something proactive and preventative when it comes to supporting the people in your care. Instead of constantly dealing with educator stress leaves, conflict, emotional mistakes, and poor communication issues, you'd love to bring something positive to your membership that helps them avoid some of these problems - before they happen. 

At 3DLife Inc. we know you care about your educators, and we know you want the best for them. You know staff are in a hard place right now, but you want (and need) the best FROM them as well. You need them to show up, do their best work, be happy with what they're doing, and ultimately, make a positive difference in students' lives. 

3DLife Inc. presents a 60-minute webinar to highlight four key areas that will help you support educators and educational leaders to address certain issues on their own (or avoid them altogether) - instead of always using you as the default fix. 

What could this mean for you, your work, and your schools?

  • Fewer educator leaves of absence and stress leaves

  • Fewer sick days requiring substitute teachers

  • Fewer interpersonal conflicts in the school community 

  • Less frequent calls from school leaders reaching out for help in solving internal conflict

  • More focus on proactive initiatives to inform and support your school employees

  • Cut costs, save money, and reduce the fiscal budget

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    Stress| HR Perceptions | 3AM Thoughts


    You're feeling more and more stress, worry, and anxiety about what each day is bringing to your work, along with (another specific issue) you are trying to resolve and take off your plate. Yet you still feel hopeful and optimistic that HR has or can find the resources to support educator wellbeing, and take care of any problems that get brought to you. And you're open to alternative ways of doing that. 

    HR Perceptions

    It's so frustrating when people only seek out the Human Resources department when there is a problem to solve. That your job is solely to put out the fires as they flare up. That you are the hammer to use when it needs to fall. But you know differently. Human Resources is intended to be responsive - to see potential areas for fire, and provide the tools needed to prevent them before they happen - and reactive only when necessary. You'd love some help in changing this perception. 

    3 AM Thoughts

    You're awake too often at 3 AM with thoughts about what needs to get resolved (but isn't); concern for staff - knowing they are in a hard place and wanting to make it better for them, staff turnover and substitute shortages, administrators who can't talk to or find solutions with their staff, wanting to do something fun and proactive to support staff - but can't find the time, and feelings of stress, frustration, and anger with the system and some of its policies.

    What you can expect from this webinar

    An expanded perspective on what educators can do to sustain their wellbeing and enhance problem-solving skills

    Increased opportunities to proactively connect with the educator community in engaging, meaningful ways

    Alternative longer-term solutions to encourage educator longevity, health, and fulfillment in their profession. 

    What People Are Saying...

    Preparation| Perspective | Empowerment


    "Since I spend 95% of my day regulating adults, I'm fairly certain this work has been the best thing I could have done to prepare for this year/work!"


    "It's a combination of shared perspective, being proud of my people, and eager for the future...I could go on and on..."


    "This has been rediscovering me - cutting out all the layers of BS and actual trauma from the oppression of others - and reconnecting with who I was under it all." 

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