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2023: The Year of You Event Video

Make time for you in your life and leadership this year. 

Before you get started, please download the PDF activity files below the video, then click play.


3DLife™ 2023: The Year of You Activities 

Click DOWNLOAD for each PDF copy of the session's exercises.

3DLife™ Vision

This is the first activity of the session. When you get to this part of the video, please press pause and allow yourself a minimum of 15 minutes to reflect on and jot down your thoughts. 


3DLife™ Just One Thing

This is the second session activity. You are invited to stop the video when you arrive at this section, and take at least 10-15 minutes to complete. The more you spend, the clearer you will be. 


3DLife™ Addressing Obstacles

This is the third and final activity for the event. Once again, please stop the video to allow yourself time to focus on this exercise in order to get the most value from it. 


WAIT! Before you go...

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The 3DLife™ Year of You Community


This is an exclusive group for 2023: The Year of You attendees and those of you on the 3DLife™ Leading in 3D newsletter list. The Community's purpose is to support you in staying accountable and on track with your vision and the priorities you established during the Year of You session.

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