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How would you like to feel more connected, effective, and satisfied each day?


"Get back to you - reconnected, renewed, and recommitted."

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Dear Educator,

At 3DLife Inc., we know how much pressure and demand is on you to do your job today. But let's face it - you never really feel that you've done enough at the end of the day, do you? There are so many mixed messages about what you should be doing and how you should be doing it - you often feel like a robot just going through the motions of what needs to be happening in your classroom, school, and office.

Whether you feel like you're on an emotional roller coaster - sometimes (or often) frustrated, fed up, angry, disappointed, overwhelmed, disconnected and disengaged with the education system, its policies, and its leadership - and maybe questioning whether the job is really worth the sacrifices you've been making (such as time with loved ones, sleep, exercise, fun, and your mental health), or you still feel a spark of inspiration to make as much positive change in the system as you can in your career - the emotional and physical labor of being an educator can wear even the best of us down.

But what if 3DLife Inc. had a longer-term support opportunity that would help you figure out what you want and what you need to navigate the pressures, demands, and challenges that come up every day? If we told you that you could feel better, perform better, lead better, and show up in your life more satisfied, fulfilled, purposeful, inspired, and clear - what would you think?

At 3DLife Inc., we're focused 100% on the WHO in education - YOU - to help:

  • Develop greater awareness of who you are and what you want in your career and life (and how to make it happen)

  • Improve relationships and interactions with students, colleagues, administrators, family, and friends

  • Improve decision-making and boundary-setting at work and at home

  • Establish what's truly important to you and prioritize it - unapologetically

  • Prevent prolonged periods of stress

  • Reduce friction and conflict to increase satisfaction and efficacy

  • Establish and improve self-care routines to better sleep, nutrition, movement, and connection

  • Shift unhelpful perspectives and beliefs that may add to the problem

  • Feel restored, purpose-driven, and committed to how you want to show up at work and in life

  • Sounds Great - Let's Go!

    This is for you if...

    Stress | Disconnect | Autopilot

    Your work and life are being impacted .

    Working in the education system is challenging - and it has been for a long time - even before the pandemic. But, maybe you're feeling it more than ever, and you're worried because it's starting to affect how you do what you do, how you feel getting up in the morning and when you leave work, as well as your relationships. You just don't feel like YOU or who you want to be. Instead, you may feel uncertain about your role, the direction that education is heading, and whether or not you can reconnect to what led you to become an Educator in the first place. If you could just find some energy and re-tap into your passion - then maybe you could stop going through the motions - and feel inspired, valued, and in love with what you do again. 

    You can have it...

    Yes, You Can

    Imagine being in a place and time where you feel calm, grounded, and certain of who you are as an Educator and as a human being. You feel well, whole, and 100% true-to-you. You play so many roles in your life - what if you could just show up as one person, one identity instead of being pulled in too many directions, trying to be something for everyone? What if you knew exactly what you wanted, when you wanted it, and the exact steps to move closer to it? And that no matter where you are or what you're dealing with, you can operate and communicate clearly, responsively, and wholeheartedly so that you show up for your students and make the positive impact on the world around you that got you started in this profession from the beginning. 

    Time to Take Action

    What's Stopping You?

    "Clarity comes from engagement, not from thought." ~ Katelyn Bourgoin 

    Let's face it - we all do it. And whether it's the workplace environment, perceived (or real) expectations, stubbornness or fear - somehow we have it in our heads that we can do it all AND make changes and transform all by ourselves. Unfortunately (although we do often give it a good go), we don't do as an effective job at it (never mind how much longer it takes) on our own as we do when someone else is along for the journey too. Having someone who can relate to your experiences, share and commiserate with, identify and discuss issues that matter, and develop a strong sense of trust and non-judgement, as well as a foundation of accountability is essential to making long-term, lasting change to wellbeing, fulfillment, and high performance in life. That's what makes professional personal coaching such an effective and valuable investment - to yourself, your work, and your wellbeing. It's time for you to stop thinking about doing it - and start taking action.

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    What Educators are saying about Michelle...

    "Michelle’s insightful questions, thoughtful silence and centered presence through my journey has been invaluable. Both individually and as part of a pair I have gained clarity, an awareness of my values that guides my daily decisions, solidified my chosen path and brought greater joy to my life. Through laughter, tears and hard work Michelle’s coaching has solidified the way forward - with integrity, optimism and a commitment to relationships. "                               ~ C. Arthurs, School Psychologist

    "Talking with Michelle and having her to help me realize what was important to me, has absolutely moved me in the direction I need to be going in order to get my life in track. This has been an amazing start to a new chapter in my life -you have created a safe place to be vulnerable and look inward without judgement."  ~ K. Seamone, SEL Consultant

    "Working with Michelle was like having someone join you on a very familiar walk that you’ve taken everyday for years. A walk you know so well that your movement, every stride, is automatic. With Michelle’s guidance, I took pause, noticed and appreciated the beauty and opportunities that surrounded me in a depth of detail that I had hadn’t seen in years, if ever. That clarification and attention has allowed for a reconnection to my purpose, and a renewed sense of why I started walking in the first place."  ~ N. Yorke-Phillip, School Psychologist 

    What You'll Get

    A 90-Day 3DLife™ Coaching Program

    This professional personal growth and wellbeing coaching program has been developed with the educational environment and your educator needs in mind. All components of the PPRS™ have been developed based on extensive study and research, work and life experiences, coaching change frameworks, and the 3DLife™ philosophy and methodology. 

    3 Modules: Define. Design. Defy.

    The 60-90-minute coaching sessions of this program will have you digging deep to identify who you are, what you want, what's important to you, and what drives you as an Educator and human being. Your discovery work during the DEFINE process is the foundation for how you move forward in the rest of the program. You will also hone in on your unique skills, strengths, and mindset. These, along with your discoveries during the first module, will set you up to create and DESIGN an action plan strategy for how to get more of what you want in your work and life - including joy, inspiration, connection, energy, and health. Finally, you will work on recognizing known and unknown obstacles that may throw you off the action plan strategy you created in the second module. With these in mind, we will work toward what you need to have in place to actively and unapologetically DEFY them - keeping you on track and motivated to succeed, and be well, at work and in life. 

    Included Activities

    During the PPRS™ program, you will have multiple opportunities to reflect on new perspectives, engage in meaningful discussion, and gain insights from relevant and individualized coaching questions. You will also be given specifically developed reinforcement activities before and/or after coaching sessions to encourage you to internalize more profoundly what you are learning, and to help you commit more deeply to the ideas and actions you need to take to move you closer to want you want, who you want to be, and enhance your wellbeing. 

    Surveys & Self-Assessments

    The PPRS™ program includes tools for self-assessment and feedback that will contribute to and help you stretch your awareness and growth of Self, while also offering valuable feedback to measure your progress from start to finish. 

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    Step 1: Define - Results 

  • A clear big picture vision of where you are and where you want to be in your life and career

  • Increased awareness of and connection to what makes you YOU at home and at work

  • A deep understanding of what drives you to be an Educator 

  • Step 2: Design - Results

  • More intentional about time scheduled with family, weekend activities, and interests

  • Improved relationships and interactions with students, colleagues, family, and friends 

  • Increased motivation, efficacy, performance and impact at work and in life

  • Step 3: Defy - Results

  • Greater work-life satisfaction and ease in making decisions

  • Ability to set boundaries on what goes home and what takes up space in thoughts

  • Improved personal care practices (i.e. sleep, nutrition, movement, connections, and "treats")

  • I can help you get back to YOU...

    Happy & Fulfilled

    Whether we are working 1:1 or in a small group setting, our focused sessions will give you the insights and the tools you need to give yourself permission to prioritize your wellbeing and what you want at work and in life. 

    Connected & Inspired

    These sessions will also provide you with multiple opportunities to restore your connection with Self and Others - allowing you to show up at work and in life supported, engaged, and inspired. 

    Effective & Motivated

    As we dig deeper, you will learn to acknowledge all that you bring to your work, your students, colleagues, family, and to your SELF - rediscovering and re-establishing your sense of efficacy and motivation for your work and your life. 

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