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It Starts with You...

You put a lot of passion, time, money, skill, and knowledge into your organization every day.

You care about your customers, clients, team, and loved ones - their success is your success. 

But, trying to be there for everyone and do everything that needs to get done, often leaves little time for you to focus on your own goals, dreams, and well-being. 

The signature 3DLife™ It Starts with You group training and coaching is designed with your specific leadership needs in mind and may be the . 

Start Date: Thursday, June 1st @3:30pm (ADT)

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Imagine every day feeling more...

Organized and Effective. 

Confident in your vision, actions and decisions.

Energized and Engaged. 

Motivated by and excited about your leadership, life, and the people around you.

Connected and Well.

Allied with like-minded leaders and committed to taking time for you.

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Stop thinking you can get the results you want by sacrificing your time and energy.

Instead, start:

  • Focusing on high-priority tasks so you can stop being busy

  • Trusting your ability to make the right decisions for yourself and others

  • Managing stress effectively in times of uncertainty and conflict

  • Communicating more clearly with others to help them and your organization flourish

  • Making your well-being a non-negotiable

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    It Starts With You

    Long-term, lasting growth and change does not happen overnight. Not without putting in intentional time and energy.

    That's why this 12-week group cohort offers you:

    • *Weekly, 90-minute LIVE sessions with 3DLife Inc. Founder, Educator, and Coach, Michelle Hurlburt

    • *A like-minded community to support positive ripple effects in work and life

    • *Accountability check-Ins, chats, and support via private group platform

    • *In-session time to reinforce discussion topics, reflect on work and life, and post-session activities to promote growth and success

    • *Connect with new people, engage in deep discussions, gain valuable growth, and have fun

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    Focus on you in your leadership so you be more effective for others.

    The ISWY Program Investment: $1500+HST 

    (*Group rate/per person. Book now - pay later. Payment plan and 1:1 coaching options available upon request.)

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